Interview with Mr. Rubens Turquete, patient of ReACT®(Refractory Angina Cell Therapy Protocol)


Mr. Rubens Turquete, 72, was suffering from refractory angina, a condition that causes frequent episodes of chest pain at short intervals of time, disabling the patient for the simplest daily activities. This type of angina had no surgical, clinical or drug treatment until the onset of Heart Cells Therapy.


In his history, this patient underwent several surgical procedures (bypass surgery) and interventional procedures (stents) until the infusion of a specific formulation of stem cells in 2006. This formulation (RA001) was developed by Cryopraxis within one of its clinical study protocols (Protocol CellPraxis® of Treatment for Class IV Angina), developed in partnership with the course of Cardiac Surgery, Escola Paulista de Medicina - UNIFESP. We chatted a bit with Mr. Rubens to know what changes have occurred in his life, having been included in the protocol:


1. Mr. Rubens, how was your life before surgery?


It was hell. Having said that, I think it simplifies everything. I suffered from angina for 10 years, I felt pain everyday day and, from 15 to 15 days, had severe crises. I never stopped working and, every day, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I began to feel much pain and had to go home. Until midnight, one o'clock in the morning I was in great pain and taking medication. So, I can summarize my life before the surgery as a hell.


2. Why have you opted for treatment with stem cells?


First, as I said, my life was hell. Second, because, according to Dr. Enio Buffolo, I had no more other procedures to do. I have very fine coronary vessels, with no condition of undergo, for example, an angioplasty or any other type of procedure.


3. Is there any change after surgery?


There were many changes, sure. About 3 to 4 months after surgery, I started to not feel pain - I could not even believe this – those angina attacks I felt every day. And so I gradually improved and began to live in paradise. After surgery, all these symptoms disappeared. My family, who suffered with me, today is satisfied with the result and now has more confidence in everything I wanted to do.


4. Do you recommend this stem cell treatment to other patients?

I certainly think it's a great opportunity. It may be that some patients do not get the same results I got, but, certainly, I would recommend.


5. Can you leave a message for the doctors who allowed you to do this treatment?


I really annoyed Dr. Enio, as he was my doctor. When I heard of this procedure with stem cells, I went to his office wanting to know everything about it. He asked me to have patience because as soon as possible I would be among the first. There is no way to thank the attention I received from all doctors. A simple thank you, if you could see inside of me the way that "thank you" is said, I think that would be enough.

I am very grateful to them all.






Mr. Rubens Turquete, 78 y.o.