What is ReACT®?


ReACT®, the first product of CellPraxis®, comprises a specific cellular formulation, indicated for treatment of refractory angina. ReACT® has been clinically tested and showed excellent results in Brazil.


ReACT® is a standardized medical procedure in which a bio-infusion of a specific cellular formulation (MonoCell™) into ischemic myocardium is performed, promoting neoangiogenesis and consequent myocardial reperfusion.



              Product Differentials


Clinical (pain) and functional (scintigraphy) improvement with statistical significance; Improvement of patient's quality of life; Decrease of medical costs; Standardized inclusion criteria; Specific cellular preparation (MonoCell™) with standardized bio-infusion; Accreditation and continued medical education (Biosurgery Training Program), GCP, cGMP, GLP (Good Practices).